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What Is Inclusive Childcare?

An inclusive program should 'look' and 'feel' the same as any other. It is a safe space, one where providers recognize and respect every child as an individual with capabilities as unique as they are. Where every child in your care, those with or without disabilities...

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The versatile walking rope

Each section & strap is removable Whist strap / handle (2 in 1) Belt strap available for younger kids & special needs children Each section is a pocket Proper distance between each child Durable Convenient and safe Colorful and playful Our sectional walking...

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Outdoor Play!

March 20th marked the first official day of spring for 2017 and with that comes the onset of warmer temperatures creating even more opportunity to take play outside! Spending time outdoors engaging in play has its advantages like improved social skills, children learn...

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Developing Writing Skills through Play.

One of my very first articles here on was on the importance of play during what we know as the most formative years of a child's life, the early years. I'd like to further explore how we can use play to introduce, reinforce and master essential skills such as...

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Introducing … The tipi

There are several ways to spell it, whatever your preference the tipi provides endless hours of fun and facilitate many forms of play, making it an excellent choice for either at home use or within a classroom setting. They inspire the imagination and encourage...

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Play and The Early Years

The early years, from birth through six years of age, are often referred to as the most formative years of a child's life. New skills are introduced and reinforced and with opportunity to practise these new skills, mastery is achieved. It should also be noted that the...

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Profession: ”just’ Early childhood educator ?

My name is Sophie. I’m 35 years old. For 12 years I have worked with children. I am a early childhood educator. Just an educator?!!! My name could be Simon, Julie or Paula. We are all early childhood educators. Our passion: children. Our destination every day: head of...

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