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By Nathalie Lizé April reminds us of spring  and nature's renewal. April brings back the mild temperature. In April, nature is reborn and emerges from its winter slumber. April is also Autism Awareness Month. This month takes on a special meaning for me, because every...

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Living through Covid

On Friday, March 13th, 2020, the Quebec government announced that all early childhood centers must close due to the pandemic. Covid 19 had just entered into daycare services and everywhere, with its share of constraints and contradictory sanitary measures. Early...

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Early Childhood Educator for Life

Since the beginning of the 2021 school year, a big change occurred in my professional life. I am no longer a childhood educator. I have obtained a position as a pedagogical and technical support Consultant in the daycare I work on. My title has changed, however, in my...

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Santa Claus, believe or not

By Nathalie Lizé In a few days it will be what we call in Quebec, the holiday season. Of course, Christmas festivities are not for everyone. Individuals' religion and beliefs influence whether to celebrate this time of year. Christmas as a religious holiday has no...

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Maslow’s pyramid; an additional tool

By Nathalie Lizé Early Childhood Educator The Quebec government preschool educational program (accueillir la petite enfance) insist that it is essential to start from the children's needs in...

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Reggio Emilia: Learning while having fun

By Nathalie Lizé Early Childhood Educator Being part of nature educational philosophy, Reggio Emilia has recently become more and more Popular in Quebec, in Canada and elsewhere in the world. Appearing in Italy, in the city of the same name, in the 60s, this...

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Early Childhood: Growing through nature

By Nathalie Lizé Early Childhood Educator  Early Years Education through nature (Forest School, nature school, outdoor preschool), is it something you are familiar with? This emerging approach has been developing strongly in classrooms and daycare settings in Quebec...

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We want real recognition-Early Years professionals

  By Nathalie Lizé Early Years educator 1As educational childcare services week approaches in Quebec, Canada (from May 30 to June 5, 2021), I feel the need to talk to you about the importance of our work for families but also about our significant contribution to...

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Let’s talk about affinities

By Nathalie Lizé We are early childhood professionnels and our job is to educate. We should act conscientiously and ethically with all children, love each of them unconditionally every day and keep on smiling no matter what. Is this always humanly possible? Can men...

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Teaching consent in early childhood

By Nathalie Lizé In this period of denunciations and #me too movement, it is essential to talk about consent. The Oxford dictionary defines it as "Permission for something to happen or agreement to do something." To teach it the good way, we must take into...

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My children face to face with autism

My son is now 21, he does a lot of things that we could not even imagine when he was little. We are very lucky. He takes public transport independently and can stay home alone for short periods.

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Why having a calm down corner in your class is a must

By Nathalie Lizé As early childhood professionals, we understand the importance of providing the groups we care for, a place to retreat when needed. However, we cannot speak of calming down and giving kids a place to relax without understanding what is really going on...

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Aging as a Early Childhood educator

By Nathalie Lizé This whole adventure began for me in June 1990. Finally, after 3 years of hard work in School, I was graduating from education in childcare services (now called early childhood éducation program). With my pride and my diploma I got my first job as a...

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