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Creative activities

For clean arts and crafts


To protect from small and large spills

Educational outings

To ensure safety around fun times

Tidy up

To facilitate transition periods and allow a safe environment

Nap time

To ensure efficient nap time


For stimulating and diversified activities

Turnkey solution

We offer turnkey services for new installations! A detailed proposal based on your budget can be sent within 48 hours.

Why choose us ?
Our textile products are adapted to the childcare environnement
We are responsive to your requests and our customer service is appreciated by all
Our products are evaluated with an advisory committee of 25 ambassadors from the Early Years sector.
We think outside the box to get the best value
Children and environnement are very important for us

Our products are durable and designed for the eventful life of early childhood.
Proudly designed and manufactured in Quebec, Canada

Courteous, efficient and professional service! We take care of everything so you can enjoy a peace of mind.

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Outdoor Play!

March 20th marked the first official day of spring for 2017 and with that comes the onset of warmer temperatures creating even more opportunity to take play outside! Spending time outdoors engaging in play has its advantages like improved social skills, children learn how to take turns, cooperate and problem solve among themselves. Outdoor play ...

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