NA-039 The photo-holder with strap

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NA-039 The photo-holder with strap

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A practical and versatile item!
We developed this item with a client and we found that it would be really useful for many of you, so we decided to offer it in our regular collection.

Possibility of having a strap of different colors for each friend!

Whether it is to promote the autonomy of toddlers during transition periods, hygiene or naps or any other creative idea you have, this is an item that can have several functions.
For example, you could use them for discovery games, treasure hunts, sound games, for learning emotions or even for different themes. You can even use them as identification during special activities (example: activity meeting with parents, grandparents or when you meet other childcare)

210 denier nylon
transparent window
Strap (possibility to have one color per friend, please specify in your request)
Easy maintenance
Sustainable manufacturing
Made in Quebec, Canada
Possible uses:
For storage – in the locker room
For hygiene on a hook with washcloths and/or hand towels
To identify mattresses or bags
For themed games
For games on sounds
Learning about emotions
For identification during a special activity
Be creative, find new ideas and send us photos at
Dimensions: 7 x 7 inches
Material: 210 denier nylon
Colors: navy, fuchsia, yellow, orange, royal blue, red, mauve
*** For any other color or size please contact us at ***

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