My name is Sophie. I’m 35 years old. For 12 years I have worked with children.
I am a early childhood educator. Just an educator?!!!
My name could be Simon, Julie or Paula. We are all early childhood educators. Our passion: children.
Our destination every day: head of travel to the magical land of childhood.

In society, we are called often, too often babysitters or children instructors …
It is not wrong to compare us to the instructors since 10% of our time is leading activities, play with the kids, we have fun with them…
That’s true, anyhow it is not only about playing and having fun…

How many hours in my weekends are reserved to plan my week in order to find great activities, to take turns, to share attention or that DIY idea that supports the development of fine motor skills?

Those evenings I spend looking through my old books, surfing the web to find the perfect activity that will make them learn new words, which will allow them to grow a little more? How many hours I spend in my bed reading a text on children anxiety, the child who bites or kids that are afraid of changes?
How many nights I woke up to think of my little Jacob who is afraid of death?
Thinking about Sarah that is not dressed enough to go outside in our Canadian winter? Emily who has not yet understood that pinching her friend is not the way to express herself.

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Sometimes we hear of us as children savers.
It’s a pleasure to assume this role anyhow there is minor drawbacks since we are the parent’s extension and not saviors! Our goal is always to work WITH the parents, rarely against them. In addition to hosting the games, crafts and songs, we go further with the little ones. We may have 5, 8 or 10 kids, we are all passionate about our work!

We seek how to take the child to the beginning of the road and drive it to another intersection whether for another year in the middle or near the path of the great school!

How many times I stayed after work to meet a psychologist who helped one of my toddler and work hand by hand so we can continue the progress on a daily basis? How many hours I remained standing in the cloakroom to comfort parents on the development of their child?
How many times I took my break time talking with a colleague to help with a situation with whom she felt overwhelmed?

My profession is a calculation stop on the number of stars I saw shining in the eyes of these children because we made a volcano explode, because we received their grandmothers for a special snack or simply because the story was full of magical images?

My name is Sophie. I could be Simon, Julie, Paula. I could have 35, 22, 56 years. Yes I am just an educator, a magician, a juggler. I am a passionate, a tease of stars. I’M A EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATOR!

That’s my profession!

Early childhood director

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