GE-01-1 The multipurpose mat-individual module (2 children)-Nature (forest school) collection


Save by taking a set for 6-8 or 10 friends (see other products GE-01-3 / GE-01-4 / GE-01-5)
Individual module for 2 children – including 1 modular  mat and 2 seats (circles)
Price: $35


The Growing Together Collection by Natis Design

A new specialized collection for Early Childhood professionals who believe in education by nature.  Forest preschools and schools products thought out and designed with you in order to facilitate your days in nature with the little ones.
Whether you are fans of full days in nature with the minis of your daycare center or you simply like to do beautiful activities and picnics outside, this unique collection is for you.

The multifunctional mat

Designed for nature but can also be used indoor!  A versatile product that can be used in different ways. You will find below some suggestions but if you find new ideas, send us photos at or via social networks.

  • Modular – each mat (module) for 2 friends and each seat for 1 friend are REMOVABLE
    Lined with waterproof nylon (2 layers)
    Easy to roll up and store
    Eyelet at the 4 corners if you want to anchor more to the ground (optional)
    Easy maintenance
    2 snaps for the seats (to keep them in place)
    High quality velcro to assemble each module together
    Made in QC, Canada
    Product designed in collaboration with Alexe Riverin, Nature pedagogy educator.Possible uses (outdoors or indoors)

Picnic on the ground (using as tablecloth)
Picnic at a table using only circles, squares or both (using as placemats)
Board games –
Circle chat and games (using seats)
relaxation, yoga
Reading corner
DIY, coloring, painting

Be creative, find new ideas and send us photos at

Accessories that may be useful with your multipurpose mat:

2 waist straps (walking rope accessory) – 1 used to hold your rolled mat and the other which passes through it and attaches to you so that you can carry your mat over the shoulder

2 strips covered with nylon (same fabric as mat) on one side and Velcro on the other side to cover the ends of the mat once assembled.


Each module (for 2 children) contains:
1 square of 20 x 20 inches (50.8 by 50.8 cm)
2 seats (circles) 18 inches in diameter
Composition: 210 denier nylon – 2 layers
Colors: Each module for 2 children will be a different color (at Natis Design’s choice)
Usually red, royal blue, yellow, mauve, yellow, pink
Special thanks to the 21 members of the committee (composed of educators, directors, assistant directors and preschool teachers for your answers and advice following the survey.