NA-037 The reversible superhero cape-kitchen apron 4 in 1

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4 in 1 – Reversible


A versatile and durable item that will serve for many uses.

Wear it backwards for a super hero cape or wear it forward for a kitchen apron that will protect toddlers during your culinary workshops.

In addition to having these 2 functions, friends can wear the cape or the apron on one side or the other in order to have a different color.
Possibility to have one color per friend on one side
Designed to maximize your daycare purchases – multifunctional

4 in 1 – Reversible
Superhero cape (worn on the back) and reversible 2 colors
Cooking apron (worn in the front) and reversible 2 colors
Lined (2 thicknesses-2 different colors)
Small cords to attach when worn as a kitchen apron
2 snaps at the neck for a better fit
Very resistant
Machine wash and dry – easy care
Drying time reduced by 50%
Sustainable manufacturing
Made in Quebec, Canada

Size: One size (18 months to 6 years)

Note that the item will be longer or shorter depending on the height of the child
As an indication: the child in the photos is 43 inches (110 cm) tall

Composition: 100% ultra-durable ”dazzle” polyester
1 side: red, navy or turquoise or green
The other side: yellow, red, navy, turquoise, orange, green, royal blue, mauve (or other colors depending on availability)
Possibility of having one color per friend (inquire when making your request)


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