NA-016 The versatile walking rope

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The versatile walking rope

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Individual prices:
1 section (2 kids): 25,00
Extra wrist strap:2,75
Belt strap: 3,50


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Our sectional walking rope has been reinvented to meet your needs!

We tested it with several Early Childhood Centers to obtain this unique product that all educators and teachers love.

Many autism centers are also using our walking rope 

You have less child in your group? Just remove a section!

  • Each section & strap is removable
  • Wrist strap / handle (2 in 1) is removable
  • Belt strap available for younger kids & special needs children (also removable)
  • Each section is a pocket
  • Proper distance between each child
  • Durable
  • Versatile and safe
  • Colorful and playful
3 sections (6 children) including 6 wrists & 1 educator belt:      65,00
4 sections (8 children) including 8 wrists & 1 educator belt:      79,00
5 sections (10 children) including 10 wrists & 1 educator belt:  94,00
  • Minimum quantities may be required for some products
  • Please note that some products may vary slightly from pictures while maintaining the Natis concept!
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