NJ-004 The multi-textures cover for nap time

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The multi-texture cover, a simple and effective way to calm your friends at nap time or during more difficult times!

We recuperate some fabrics to give them a second life …
  • Multi-texture fabrics
  • Ideal to calm children with special needs and / or who have difficulty falling asleep
  • Allows children to discover various textures
  • Can replace a plush (soft toy)
  • Easily slips over the nap mat
  • Colorful and playful
  • The base fabric is the same as the one we use for our fitted sheet
Fabric content: 65% polyester / 35% coton                                                                Variable textures  (nylon, dazzle, minky, satin, corduroy, etc).
Size: 24 X 15 inches (a thrid of the nap mat)
Note that this product may vary from one to another depending on available fabrics.
Important:                                                                                                                                                    All textures used are verified to be safe for your little ones!  Anything that could be easily frayed or peeled off like glitter, fibers that are too fragile or with appliqués are NOT used for children safety.
  • Minimum quantities may be required for some products
  • Please note that some products may vary slightly from pictures while maintaining the Natis concept!