NJ-006 The sensory multiforms (pack of 6 pouches)

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A set of 6 small bags filled with organic rye that toddlers can use on different occasions.
Playful pouches of different colors and shapes.
Eco-friendly collection by Natis Design

At Natis Design, we recuperate several fabrics to give them a second life… This product is designed with left over fabric we use to make the nap mat sheets. The shapes will always be the same but the colors will vary depending on the fabric we have.

Sold in packs of 6 small bags filled with organic rye produced in Canada
Circle, rectangle, triangle, rhombus, semi-circle and hexagon
6 different colors (choice of Natis Design)
Ecological product (recovery)
Allows children to discover shapes and colors
Ideal for sensory games, bean bag games and all the ideas you have!
The fabric is the same as that used for our sheets

Special thanks to Éducatrice-Sur-Mesure for the great activity guide she made, you can download right here.
Learning shapes activities by Educatrice sur mesure

Suggested uses:

Sensory activities
Playful learning of shapes and colors
Pocket games
Appease friends
Magic bags for small pains (cold or hot)

Material:65% polyester/35% cotton
Filling: organic rye, produced in Canada, (may contain wheat and mustard)
Size: 5 inches wide (each shape)
Colors: Each shape will be a different color (at Natis Design’s choice depending on available fabrics)

This product is eco-friendly, we recover the fabric losses from our sheets for nap mats and cribs.


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