GE-01-VEL Pack of 2 protective strips for velcro (multipurpose mat)

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Price: 9,50
Price for pack of 2 protective strips with velcro and fabric to easily cover the velcros at the edges of your multipurpose mat


An optional but practical accessory for your multifunctional mat. If you want to cover the velcros that are on both edges of your mat. Get a pack of 2 protective strips designed for this purpose

  • Protect the velcros that will be at the ends of your modular multipurpose mat
    Easy to install and remove
    Nice finish
Dimension: 2 x 20.5 inches (to cover velcros) – You can slide it quickly
Composition: 210 denier nylon (like the multipurpose mat) and high quality velcro
Color: navy blue


GE-01-3 The multipurpose mat-set for 6 children-Nature (forest school) collection