NA-013-TEX Fitted sheet for nap mat with integrated multi-textures



Fitted sheet for nap mat  with integrated multi-textures

Price: $30


This sheet is a combination of our nap mat sheet and our multi-textures cover but the different fabrics are already integrated and larger (sewn to the sheet)

The built-in multi-texture part is a simple and effective way to soothe friends at nap time or during more difficult times.

Our nap mat sheets are designed to facilitate the autonomy of toddlers.

As there is one of the elastics only in strategic places and not everywhere, it is much easier to install for the children as well as the educators.

  • Integrated multi-textures (stitched to the sheet)
  • Superior quality
    Easy to install
    Return of the fabric wide enough under the mattress so that the sheet stays in place.
    Elastic only in certain places to facilitate the autonomy of children.
  • Works well on 1 inch or 2 inch thick nap mattress
  • Ideal for soothing children with special needs and/or who have difficulty falling asleep
    Can replace a plush
    Allows children to explore various textures
  • Colorful and playful
    The fabric base is the same as our NA-013 sheet
65% polyester / 35% cotton (sheet)
Variable textures (nylon, dazzle, minky, satin, corduroy, terry etc).

Note that this product may vary from one to another for textures depending on fabric availability.

All textures used are checked to be safe for your treasures! Anything that could be easily frayed or detached such as sequin, fibers that are too fragile or with appliqués ARE NOT used for child safety purpose.

Depending on the inventory or current production, find out
Note that this product may vary from one to another for textures depending on fabric availability.
As we use , it is not possible to choose the colors of the textures, however you can choose the color of the sheet fabric
Fits most 24 X 48 inch nap mat
(1 inch or 2 inches thick)
Approx textures part (top section, see photo)
Quebec, Canada rules from Ministère de la Famille
Please note that although MFA Rule 35-36 states that you must have a cover that completely covers the nap mattress, if you have a self-cleaning mat (laminated surface, vinyl), a fitted sheet is sufficient. This is rule for Quebec childcare only