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The synergy

The synergy with our business partners is essential for the proper functioning and growth of the company. That is why we choose partners who share a similar strategic vision to ours.

Conscientious business partners, and rigorous professional are the ones with whom we can share knowledge, create and innovate to exceed and meet the needs of our customers.
Just like our our product line our partnerships are primarily stimulant!

Passionate teams and collaborators

Stéphany Laflèche, collaborator for blog Les mots de nos tout-petits

Stéphany is language specialist and is president of La Boite à paroles, a language stimulation center located in Montreal. The company promotes the growth and development of child needs and differences. The child will be accompanied in its quest for autonomy, personal and social integration and expression. By dint of a unique human approach, the child will have the support needed while having fun.

Mélanie Francoeur, collaborator Blog Passion Education


Bachelor in Education & manager of a childhood center, I am also a mom of 3 children 11 years old and 8 years old twins). I understand childhood in wearing many different hats. I am a strong defender of the childcare system knowing that the educators are our eyes & ears while our minds are working elsewhere. I am glad to participate to NATIS’ blog to inform you about the realities of childcare providers that are often bucolic and sunny but also cloudy at times. It will be a pleasure to read your comments and answer your questions.

Geneviève Hébert-Pelletier, collaborator Blog-Note


With an uncommon passion for Early Childhood, Genevieve is a great creative!
Having been early childhood education in many daycares, she recently decided to start her own home childcare service, Geneviève does not do things like others … She uses her creativity not only for the crafts but also in all spheres of development. Her democratic approach where routine is important, while respecting the needs and ideas of children. A planned activity may suddenly become something else equally interesting result of the interventions and the original ideas of children. Discover her tips and her opinion on various subject around early childhood through our Blog-Notes.

Jessica Loranger, collaborator, Blog Passion Education


Specialized educator, mother of two children and founder of L’escalier Specialized education: Home-based interventions. Passionate about the helping relationship, she offers various support and intervention services designed to promote the well-being, autonomy and empowerment of children and the elderly.

Dale Hole, collaborator, Blog The Early Years


Over the years Dale has worked in the field of education in varying capacities. She is a published author and continues to contribute articles from parenting to education for both print and online publications. Dale is a freelance consultant as it relates to the field of education and the early years, to date she has successfully developed and facilitated several workshops and programs that have served families and businesses alike within the community. Follow her over at The Complete Family.

Partners who inspire us