By Nathalie Lizé

To find the best way to start this text, I searched a long time. I wrote down words, sentences and then erased everything. How to explain in well-chosen terms the bond between the persons working in a childcare center. How to explain how persevering, creative, sensitive and resourceful these kind-hearted people really are. Of course, the only daycare I can talk to you about is mine. It is the one I know best. The only group I can introduce you to is mine, with its spirit of solidarity and its team cohesion.

Nothing like Disney

Of course, I am not talking to you about a fairy tale filled with rainbows and unicorns. I am not describing  perfect relationships or Disney-style stories either. We have, including myself , days, when we would like to go into exile on a desert island with our group of kids to avoid socializing. Days we would put one or more colleagues on sale for very low prices. We do have our moments when we don’t get along so well.

It happens, it is normal and even necessary I think. These small conflicts help to strengthen relationships, to put ideas in perspective, to make known our point of view and our deep values. They enrich human relationships

Team cohesion or solidarity

I could use the term team cohesion to describe the kind of relationship we share, my colleagues and I.  But I think that solidarity is a better word to use. French Larousse uses this term as a synonym for the word cohesion and I find that it is the perfect choice.

In its definition, solidarity involves people who support each other and who are united .

We are Indeed, united. United by the duty to give children the best of ourselves. Also united by the desire to help and support each other. Always ready to step in, if one of us needs it. We mobilize in an instant to help when necessary. We have fun together, we listen to each other, we give advice to each other, we take care of each other and we understand each other. We are able to use each other’s skills to move forward and find effective and lasting solutions.

More than colleagues

Over the years, strong relationships have developed, affinities have been created. We are colleagues, friends, sisters and  brothers of heart. We are sensitive and dedicated people who have been fighting for years, for a little social recognition. Because, above all, we are professionals of child development. We educate and care for the citizens of the future. We prepare children to become balanced and responsible adults. We work as a team. We have the same goals and objectives.


When I  look back on time, I tell myself that we have come a long way, my colleagues and I, over the years. We have built the foundations of a Daycare center that looks like us and we have done so, together, in solidarity. So, to you my colleagues who have passed and to those who remain, thank you for being who you are.

Talk to you soon!

Nathalie Lizé

Daycare centre educator and family coach

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