Today I’m going to talk to you about the educator-parent relationship. You know this relationship which is complex with some and which flows on its own with others. This relationship  so important for the well-being of everyone but above all, for the balance of these little ones, whom we take care of every day. Knowing that this relationship is essential, how then, despite the temperaments of each individual, the stress of everyday life and divergent values, succeed in preserving it? How to be real partners and collaborate in harmony.

Build a bond of trust

Like children, parents need to get to know us. They need to understand who we are and if they can trust us. After all, they leave their most precious treasure in our hands. This is why, from the start, you have to try to build a bond of trust, as solid as possible. Parents should feel that you are willing to listen to them with sincerity. When they share their concerns with you, are you in judgment? Do your non-verbal language shows empathy and caring? Above all, be careful that your values ​​do not conflict with those of the parents and if so, stay open. So, when a difficult situation arises, you will be comfortable talking to each other with respect. Because someday will come that moment  when you will have to  discuss a sensitive subject.  Then, the positive relationship you have built will serve you.

Each family is unique

Remember that every family is unique and what works with one won’t necessarily work with another. Get to know them, ask questions, take an interest in what they are going through. The more you get to know their reality, the more you will be able to understand them and intervene appropriately with them. Knowing them  better will make you both feel closer. Go beyond your first impression. A parent who can appear cold and closed may just be shy. Persevere and develop your bond.

The well-being of the child as a goal

Finally, remember that parents are their children’s first teachers. It is essential to respect the bond between the child and his parent. Respecting the values of each family is  crucial for a balanced relationship between adults, whose common goal is the positive development of children.When these are at the center of a healthy and respectful educator-parent relationship, they grow in harmony and everyone wins.

Talk to you soon for another article

Nathalie Lizé

Early childhood educator and family coach

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