Product code: NA-016

Prix:65 $

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  • Each section & strap is removable
  • Wrist strap / handle (2 in 1)
  • Belt strap available for younger kids & special needs children
  • Each section is a pocket
  • Proper distance between each child
  • Durable
  • Convenient and safe
  • Colorful and playful

Our sectional walking rope has been reinvented to meet your needs!
We tested it with several Early Childhood Center to obtain this unique product!

You have less child in your group? Just remove a section!


3 sections (6 children): 65.00
4 sections (8 children): 79.00$
5 sections (10 children): 94.00$

Each set includes the proper quantity of wrist strap & one belt strap for educator
If you need to change some wrist straps or belts, it is possible with $0.50/extra each.

You can buy your module, wrist or belt individually.

Prices as follow:

Section: 25.00$
Wrist strap: 3.25$
Belt strap: 3.75$

Price:65 $

  • Minimum quantities may be required for some products
  • Please note that some products may vary slightly from pictures while maintaining the Natis concept!