NA-025 The creativity mat-Messmatz-out of stock (unlimited time)



Price: 35,00


The creative mat is perfect for your classroom or your daycare !

Learn… DIY … Create  … Discover
Mess free !

Protect all surfaces
The edge contains the mess
Hard surface for writing and drawing l
Easy roll-up for convenient storage
High quality
Food-grade silicone , non-toxic
Easy cleaning
Versatile (painting, diy, play dough, board games, outside activities , cooking activities , meal …)

Size: 24 X 18 inches
It is a good size even for 2 little friends !
Available colors: Green

* Made in China with high quality standards.
Most of our products are designed and produced in Quebec, Canada.

  • Minimum quantities may be required for some products
  • Please note that some products may vary slightly from pictures while maintaining the Natis concept!
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